Russian-born military agent Emil Blonsky was part of General T. Ross' special ops team. He and his team infiltrated David Banner in Brazil in two diffrent places:Banner's temporary home, and then in the soft drink bottling factory, which is where Banner transformed into the Hulk and injured all the soldiers except Blonsky. Banner then woke up in a rainforest in which he asked a fisherman what country he was in. The fisherman replied: Guatemala. He then gave Banner a lift to Chipotle, Mexico in his truck. Recently in Brazil, Banner was e-mailing his pen-pal, Mr. Blue. He sent Blue a sample of his gamma-irridiated blood. After traveling global, Banner reached Culver University in Virginia, unforntunately where a division of The Pentagon was,where Ross was. Meanwhile, Blonsky had two seperate injections of a genetic super soldier formula, first in the deep muscle, then in the bone. This had mutated his spine. Banner found a computer and talked with Mr. Blue, who said: "It's time to meet." After meeting with Betty, the two go to Culver University again, when suddenly Ross' forces and Blonsky arrives, they trap Banner in a passage way tube and shoot two smoke canisters in there with him, forcing him to transform into the Hulk. When most of Ross' forces were defeated, Blonsky took a stand and fought the Hulk, even though the Hulk was protecting himself with two sheets of metal. When the sonic cannons were activated, Hulk had destroyed the first one with his sheet of metal, the jumped on the other one. Afterwards, Hulk kicked Blonsky into a tree. After transforming back, Bruce and Betty find shelter in a motel and then go to New York City to Samuel Sterns' lab. After demonstrating a transformation to Sterns, Bruce and Betty endured a lecture by Sterns until he showed them thousands of samples of Banner's blood, in which Bruce demand Sterns to incinerate the entire supply. After having Bruce being tranquilized, Blonsky demands Banner to show him the Hulk, but then knocks Bruce out for seven minutes. After kicking female general Cathrine Winder, calling her an "annoying b****", Blonsky tells Sterns to give him the gamma injection, but Sterns objects, saying the result could be an "abomination". After being physically blackmailed, Sterns then gives it to him, transforming Blonsky into the Abomination, a nightmarish creature with overloaded speed and strength. The gamma injection also gave Blonsky extreme spine mutation. Bruce jumps from an AH-64 Apache military chopper and transforms. Abomination and Hulk fight in Harlem, near the Apollo Theatre. When the battle leads the two monsters to a broken building, Hulk nearly chokes Abomination to death using two cement blocks and a chain as a pair of nunchucks. It is said that Blonsky was put inside the Vault, a villian prison.