Demolishor vs. Prime

Prime is his bling!


The gyroscopic unicycle from Hell.

Demolishor is a Constructicon, a sub-group of Decepticons who transform into construction vehicles. He transforms into a red and white Terex O&K RH400 hydraulic mining excavator. His height is 86 feet and his partner is Sideways. Demolishor is cowardly when there's no leader and he isn't the brightest one, but his size makes up for lack of brains. In Revenge of the Fallen, Demolishor transforms when his ultraviolet shadow is displayed on a thermal camera, and starts swatting NEST helicopters. He then proceeds to make himself mobile on the road. In the the air, a C-17 Globemaster carrying Optimus Prime deploys the Autobot leader safely to ground. Optimus Prime then transforms on the highway and jumps onto Demolishor's face before repeatingly shooting Demolishor, forcing him to crash. Demolishor's last words are: "The Fallen shall rise again." Prime then kills Demolishor and shoots him in the back of the head.




Voyager Class Demolishor (2009)

Japanese ID Number: RD-03

Demolishor transforms from a red Terex O&K heavy duty excavator into a very unique robot mode via a suprisingly complex transformation. His Mech-Alive gimmick in robot mode is a drum in each arm spins when you move his lower arm. He has real rubber treads that sadly don't move, and no little plastic wheels that help it move either. He is almost impossible to stand up---let alone pose---but it can be managed. In the film, Demolishor features a lot more white. This toy matches colors to Scavenger's colors.
Voyager Class Demolishor