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This is so exciting! I feel like I'm 1000 years old again!

Jetfire a living legend in his day both on the battlefield and the air. Sadly, his day has longly passed. His body went south years back. His bunny is dead. He's got rust in places he did'nt even know he had. Basically, Jetfire's old! An ancient Decepticon Seeker, Jetfire was around long before the war, working with Seekers like Ransack. He defected to the Autobots and transforms into an SR-71 Blackbird. He's still a fine asset, possesing powers and can teleport across great distances. This is slighly offbeat since he's old, and his processor gave up the ghost millenia ago. These days he has trouble remembering his name and gets a nagging feeling he's forgetting something. 
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Get off my lawn, you young whippersnappers!

"My father was a wheel!  The first wheel! Do you know what he transformed into? Nothing!!! But he did so with honor.! Dignity, damn it!!"

                                                                                        -- Jetfire shows the seven signs of aging, Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen film Edit

Voice Actor: Mark Ryan

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Why in the name of God am I in this hideous masoleum? Am I dead?


Jetfire was originally dispatched by The Fallen as a Seeker, a scavenger for Energon. He was once a Decepticon. When the group of Decepticon Seekers could not locate the Matrix of Leadership, so The Fallen was mad as hell so he abandonded the Seekers on Earth. The only clue the Seekers could find was: "When the dawn alights the Dagger's Tip, three kings shall reveal the doorway."

In 2009 A.D., Jetfire laid dormant as an SR-71 Blackbird peacefully in the Steven Udvar F-Hazy Smithsonian Air and Space Museum until Sam Witwicky, Mikela Banes, Seymour Simmons, Leo Spitz, and Wheelie broke into the museum, using the AllSpark shard to re-animate Jetfire. The Decepticon insignia on Jetfire sends the human scrambling into cover, but Jetfire transforms and tries to bash his way out, in which he suceeds. He and Sam do a little talking and Jetfire says he defected sides to the Autobots. This inspires Wheelie to have sex with Mikela's leg briefly, with that symbolizing he's now an Autobot instead of a Decepticon spy. Sam then asks Jetfire what he was saying, making Jetfire babble on and on about his father who transformed into nothing and his mother. He then is bought down by a fart and Sam tells him about Megatron and The Fallen. Jetfire teleports the whole group to Egypt via a Space Bridge, and tells them The Fallen's origin, the Matrix of Leadership, the Solar Harvester and tells the Seeker's code and sends them off to accomplish what was once his mission before the Decepticons find him and find the group. During the final battle in Cairo, Jetfire "sticks" his landing  and crashes into at least what's left of a building.  He kills Mixmaster quoting "Let me show you how we bought the pain in my day!!!!!"

Oh,Blonsky, you emotionless--Oh, wrong sci-fi movie.


Listen to me, you young insects!!!!!!!!

He was critacally wounded by Scorponok and at his dying breath, saw Optimus Prime being resurrected by the Matrix and sacrificed his spark. Ratchet then ordered Jolt to fuse Jetfire's parts together with Optimus. Optimus then defeated the Decepticons. Shortly, he discarded Jetfire's parts.


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen | The Video Game Edit

Voice Actor: Clive Revill

Xbox 360/PS3/PC Edit

Autobot Campaign

Jetfire only likes to play multiplayer, if you know what we mean.

Jetfire layed dormant in the Smithsonian Museum for years until Simmons and Sam used the AllSpark shard to wake up Jetfire. Jetfire gave Sam a clue and teleported the two to Egypt. In Cairo, Jetfire helped Optimus Prime in the final battle, but Megatron was able to stab Jetfire to death. A couple seconds later, Optimus was wearing a new Jetfire suit.


Toys Edit

Leader Class Jetfire (2009)

  • Japanese ID Number: RA-13
  • Acessories: Front landing gear/walking cane, rotary cannon missile launcher, grey projectile
Jetfire is an SR-71 Blackbird spy plane quite possibly the most largest Leader Class toy alt mode for the price point.
400px-Jetfire ROTF leader toy

Personally, I've flown over 194 missions throughout my life, and I've got shot down on every one of them. Come to think of it, I've never landed a plane in my life.

Jetfire features several electronic lights and sounds; in jet mode, pushing the button on his back activates a "swooshing" noise, while in robot mode, a new button is revealed on his rear that triggers mechanical stomping sounds. Pressing the tab on Jetfire's chest activates his moving gears and head, accompanied by Jetfire announcing: "Jetfire's mah name!". However, the European version just says "Jetfire". In contrast to the film, where the character speaks with actor Mark Ryan's natural Yorkshire accent, the toy is positively Scottish. Despite the back of the package showing two lights within Jetfire's torso, he only has one light, on his left side, while the other slot that would normally house the light is replaced with a button that emits Jetfire's transformation noise when the toy is transformed.
As seen in the movie, he can combine with to form Prime's powered-up mode, albeit at the cost of Optimus Prime's leg articulation. A few inaccuracies are present in the combination instructions: for instance, while the instructions say to position the cockpit halves behind Prime's shoulders, they actually are meant to sit on top of them (as seen to the left), and feature small grooves into which the small silver triangular prongs lock. In addition, while Optimus' rear cab sections are shown as being folded out like rectangular wings in the instructions, it appears they are intended to sit flat against the sides of the portion of Jetfire that connects to Prime's back. Jetfire has two tabs that sit directly above the panels when folded back which better support the weight of Jetfire. The struts on which Jetfire's engines are mounted also pivot back to allow exactly enough space for the folded cab panels to fit. The remarkably small text written under the cockpit windows is: WARNING THIS AIRCRAFT CONTAINS A SEAT CONTAINING AN EXPLOSIVE CHARGE SEE MAINTENANCE MANUAL BEFORE REMOVING.