Long Haul is a Constructicon. He and his partners can combine to make the colossal Decepticon, Devastator. He transforms into a Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck.
Long Haul

The big, green, complaing machine.

He forms the right leg of Devastator.

He also stands around 23 feet tall. Long Haul wishes he could spend more time battling instead of being the Decepticons' pack mule. Destroying enemies with projectile weaponry would be something he would prefer. Due to his attitude with his job, the gear in his truckbed always gets "lost" in transit. In Revenge of the Fallen, Long Haul journeys with Mixmaster, Scrapper, Rampage, Ravage, Scalpel and "Ze litte one" to the bottom of the Laureintian Abyss, where lays Megatron's dead body. Ordered by Scalpel, Long Haul and the others sacrificed "Ze litte one" for spare parts. Scalpel then used the weakling's spark for Megatron, Soon, Megatron was reborn! Some time later in Cairo, Two Long Hauls were present. Simmons, Leo, Mudflap and Skids created a diversion for the Decepticons as bait. Unfortunately, It attracted the Constructicons too. Shortly after, The Constructicons combined into Devastator. The colossal 'bot then started up his vortex grinder. At the same time, another Long Haul was participating in the final battle,but was hit by Air Force Strike Units. Meanwhile, Mudflap had been sucked in Devastator's vortex grinder, but soon he broke out Devastator's right optic,and the colassal bot knocked The Twins. Simmons then had the USS Kidd fire it's experemental rail gun at Devastator, smashing his left arm to pieces and completely destroying him.