300px-ROTF Mixmaster concept art

You can never have too many shields.

A genius chemist, Mixmaster serves as a weapons and poisons designer to the Decepticon elite. He has spent his entire lifespan mastering intricacies of chemical reactions, becoming an expert in poisons, corrosive substances, and most especially explosives. He transforms into a Mack white and silver concrete mixer truck. He has a knack for improvisation, being able to make deadly concoctions just from the native materials that Earth has to offer. A member of the Constructicons, when Devastator is formed, he's the lumbering beast's head. Sometimes, there's more than one of him. In Revenge of the Fallen, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Rampage, "Ze little one", Ravage and Scalpel journied to the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss, where Megatron's corpse was after Ravage retrieved the AllSpark shard. Scalpel ordered the death of "Ze little one", and Long Haul and Rampage happily obglied. Soon, Megatron was reborn! After Optimus Prime's death, Mixmaster climbed the Brooklyn Bridge and took off the American flag after hearing Megatron's demand to show themselves to the humans. Some time later, two Mixmasters were present in Egypt. Jetfire sliced up and killed one Mixmaster. The other Mixmaster combined with Long Haul, Scrapper, Hightower, another Rampage, Scavenger and Overload to form Devastator. After knocking out Mudflap and Skids, Devastator climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza and ended up unearthing the Solar Harvester. After Simmons had called the military, the USS Kidd fired it's experimental rail gun, smashing Devastator's left arm to pieces, killing Mixmaster.




Voyager Class Mixmaster (2009)

Japanese ID Number: RD-12

ROTF Voyager Class Mixmaster transforms into a grey and silver Mack concrete mixer truck with purple headlights. The vehicle mode's mixing drum is incapable of rotating due to the transformation, but does boast a pair of gigantic Decepticon symols on either side. The cement chute at the end of the vehicle mode can accurately raise or lower on a hinge. His robot mode is very thin and lanky, with numerous joints on the extremely long arms alone. The packaging calls out Mech-Alive gimmickry in the form of "spinning gears" on his chest, but the feature is only present at the thighs and forearms, which reveal shifting internal bits when the joints are rotated. The robot mode's missile launcher is locked in place straight pointing upward. In order to aim it, the toy must be transformed to it's artillery-like Battle Mode that has him especially preform a belly flop, letting the launcher fire foward.
ROTF Voyager Class Mixmaster