The hyperactive Mudflap and his twin Skids are a result of a split spark, and share a close bond accordingly. Mudflap is hyperactive, noisy and eager, unlike his brother Skids. He transforms into a Chevorlet Trax. He's so desperate to impress that he comes off having the robot equivalent of ADHD. When their not trying to beat each other in daredevil antics, they are usually bickering over anything. Like Skids, he posseses hyper-reactive optical imaging scanners, making him able to process any tactical information faster than any Transformer, except Skids. When the Twins arrived on Earth, they both chose the form of an old, beat-up ice cream truck. In Revenge of the Fallen, Sideswipe, Skids, Chromia, Ironhide, Arcee, Flareup, Optimus Prime and Mudflap were deployed by NEST to Shanghai, China to investigate a toxic spill. In their truck mode, Mudflap and Skids teased the Decepticons to come out, and the two did: Demolishor and Sideways. At the NEST base in Diego Garcia, Mudflap and Skids had a wrestling match in which Skids won, forcing Mudflap to take the form of a Chevorlet Trax. Later, Mudflap and Skids where seen with the other Autobots, fighting the Decepticons but they were to late: Optimus Prime had been killed by Megatron. This allowed Leo, Sam, Bumblebee and Mikela to make their escape. Skids and Mudflap met up with Bumblebee and the humans at a remote location. With the help of Decepticon spy Wheelie, Skids, Mudflap, Leo, Sam, Mikela, Simmons and Bumblebee traveled to the Steven Udar F-Hazy Air and Space Museum Annex in Washinton D.C.. Inside the museum, they found an SR-71 Blackbird, the alt mode of former Decepticon Jetfire. Once Jetfire was re-animated with the Allspark shard, he and Sam did a little talking, and then he teleported the group to Egypt. He explained to the group who The Fallen was and about the Solar Harvester. The group then traveled to Jordan and settled there and rested for the night. In Petra, when the Matrix of Leadership could not be found, Mudflap and Skids starded a fight, but Bumblebee bashed them together a threw them out. Fortunately, their bickering made a hole inside the wall. Bumblebee blasted the hole, revealing the Tomb of the Primes. The Matrix was there, but when Sam picked it up, it crumbled to dust. Sam put this into a sock. At the climax, Skids, Simmons, Leo and Mudflap set up a diversion to attract the Decepticons. Unfornately, it attracted the attention of the Constructicons too. Shortly, the Constructicons combined into Devastator. Mudflap ended up getting sucked inside Devastator's vortex grinder. A vengeful Skids made his way to Devastator's front leg. Mudflap then broke out out Devastator's optic and did some damage to the massive Decepticon. Skids helped. Devastator then knocked the Twins out. They were one of the fellow Autobots to survive.
Dull Suprise

And this is us when we traveled to...hey, Skids,where did we go again?




Deluxe Class Mudflap (2009)

Part of the third wave of Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Figures, Mudflap transforms into a rust-red Chevorlet Trax. He transforms similarly like Deluxe-Class Skids. He also has similar Mech-Alive gimmicks: push his grill. This causes some panels, headbang. Additional Mech-Alive is engineered into his left arm. When his fist fowards into his wrist, it reveals a spring missile launcher. In vehicle mode, this missile is stored through a cross-shapesd hole on the rear bumper. Instrestingly, while Skids has a license plate with his own name on it, Mudflap has one that only says Trax. However there is a running change in which it reads Mudflap, making for a more screen-accurate redeco.

Deluxe Class Mudflap


Autobot Skids and Mudflap (2009)

This two-pack of the Twins can combine into a simple, old-fashioned ice cream truck. Unfortunately, both of them are SMALLER than a Scout-class figure. Mudflap's heels are also too thick for his feet to properly fold up in vehicle mode, though this can be fixed by trimming them. This may be the best combiner set in the ROTF toyline.....
Deluxe Twin Ice Cream Truck