350px-ROTF Rampage model

Try yellow. It's the new red.

Rampage is a pretty violent guy. A member of the Constructicons, he can be followed by the trail of destruction as he wrecks his way through the battlefield, leaving behind the smell of diesel fumes and hot tar in his wake. He transforms into a Caterpillar D9L Bulldozer. He also moves around on the tip of his snake-like tail, which is called "jackhammer mode". He stands around 20 feet tall. His chassis is covered with scratches, dings and dents to show his intense love of battle. Throughly whacked in the cranial unit, his idea of beauty is a pile of Autobot wreckage. In Revenge of the Fallen, the Constructicons secreted themselves on the Bayos human freighter. Ravage, who retreived the Allspark shard, joined the Constructicons to the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss, where lay Megatron's dead body. Scalpel then observed Megatron's body and odered Long Haul and Mixmaster to kill "Ze little one" for spare parts, giving Megatron the alt mode of a Cybertronian tank with flight capabilities. During the climatic battle in Egypt, two Rampages were present. One Rampage met up with another Long Haul, another Mixmaster, Scavenger, Hightower, Scrapper and Overload in the same area as Simmons, Leo, Skids and Mudflap. They then combined into Devastator. A red Rampage tries to lure Sam Witwicky into a trap by freeing Sam's parents, Ron and Judy, but ends up getting killed by Bumblebee. Elsewhere, Devastator knocks out Mudflap and Skids then climbs the Great Pyramid of Giza and sucks up the bricks off the pyramid. Simmons then gets the USS Kidd to fire it's experimental rail gun. The rail gun smashes Devastator's left arm to pieces and destroys him.
Bumblebee vs. Rampage

I can't feel my legs!...Oh, right.




Deluxe Class Rampage (2009) 
Japanese ID Number: RD-06
Deluxe Class Rampage

He can whip it!

  ---- Rampage transforms from a yellow Caterpillar D11 bulldozer into one of two robot mode configurations, the first of which is distinctly Vehicon-esque. It lacks any functional legs, instead featuring a spring-loaded "jackhammer" assembly. When the figure is bounced along the ground in this mode, his Mech-Alive is activated, and a pair of pistons that frame his head move back and forth. The shovel can be removed in this mode and used as a stand. If legs are preferred, his jackhammer splits and his elaborate kibble backpack unfolds, together forming four legstruts to create a free-standing robot form that is rather centaurian. He features real rubber treads which become arm-mounted whips in robot mode. Unfornately, due to this design, the treads themselves do not function in vehicle mode.