Reedman Pic 1

Does this eye make me look fat?

Reedman is the form taken by a swarm of microcons when they combine together. The mantis-like form is razor-thin, allowing nigh invisibility when seen from certain angles. In Revenge of the Fallen, After Soundwave discovers the location of the AllSpark shard needed to resurrect Megatron, he deploys Ravage to the NEST base in Diego Garcia. Ravage pops a cap of a ventilation pipe and gags up the microcons into the ventilation system of the chamber where the AllSpark shard was held. The ball bearings combined to Reedman and retrieved the shard, but security was alerted and Reedman was quickly dealt with but did not die. Reedman then met up with Ravage and gave him the shard. It is said that when Ravage died, his Microcons died with him.
Reedman Concep Art

"Oooh, look at the pretty light----" ZZZAAPP!"