He knows he's a sexy microscope.


Ze must haff ze brain on ze table!

Scalpel, also known as the Doctor, looks harmless enough with his big, inquisitive eyes, but in the world of Transformers, things are not what they seem. A crazed scientist with a German-American accent, he transforms into a microscope. Scalpel has vast databases of mechanical and scientific knowledge, being familiar with the species of the galaxy. He can easily dissect and repower anything organic or mechanical. This means that he can torture an organic victim until they die. Then bring them back and torture them again until they once again die. Then bring them back multiple times so he can keep on torturing them. Unfortunately, there are always leftovers when he tries to bring them back. This has left most of the Decepticons reluctant to come to him for care, in spite of his duties as their field medic. In Revenge of the Fallen, after Ravage retreives the AllSpark shard, four of the Constructicons and Ravage journey to the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss, where Megatron's dead body lay. On the sea floor, Ravage releases Scalpel from a compartment in his chest. Scalpel gives Megatron's body a quick examination and looks at the parts blasted off in the Battle of Mission City. Scalpel then ordered the death of "Ze little one" for spare parts. This gave Megatron the alt mode of a Cybertronian tank. Later on at the industrial park near Sam Witwicky's college, Scalpel was ordered by Megatron to examine Sam. Deducing that Sam had facts about the AllSpark downloaded into his brain, Scalpel had a squid-like robot go into Sam's body. It then came out of his body and Scalpel pushed it into his own chest, making Cyberglyphics project from his eyes. As Scalpel was about to drill into Sam's brain, it was interrupted by the timely arrival of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.