240px-Scrapper ROTF

Can you think of anything else than "industrial nightmare"?

Scrapper transforms into a Caterpillar 992G front scoop loader. There are actually three of him, one forms Devastator's right arm. In Revenge of the Fallen, Scrapper is first seen with the other Constructicons reviving Megatron. At the climatic battle in Egypt, Scrapper appeared in a quarry with the other Constructicons and combined into Devastator and attacked Seymour Simmons, Leo Spitz, and The Twins [Skids and Mudflap]. Meanwhile in Jordan, another Scrapper is seen in Starscream's search reconnisassance team to find Sam Witwicky and Mikela Banes. When the humans were flushed out, Scrapper was seen using his fist/mace on a chain to crush the humans, but did not suceed. Elsewhere, Devastator was destroying the Great Pyramid of Giza until Simmons called the US Military, ordering the military to fire a prototype gun. The USS Kidd fired it's experimental rail gun at Devastator, killing him.