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Sideswipe is true to his function of Warrior. Unlike most Autobots, Sideswipe,------part of a younger generation built during wartime---was made to fight. He transforms into a Chevorlet Stingray Corvette concept. Rather than guns, he uses blades made of pure Cybertanium. He was born with full knowlege of the battlefield, making him the perfect Autobot warrior. He's the master of quick-charge transformation. Oh, and he's not vain at all: those alt modes of his are chosen for speed only. It's a total coincidence the fastest one happens to be a sleek, sexy, concept model that's better than your car, honest! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Revenge of the Fallen movieEdit

Voice actor: André Sogliuzzo
Sideswipe was one of the Autobots sent to when Decepticon energy signatures were detected, but he was initially held in reserve. As managed to flee from and in vehicle mode, ordered Sideswipe deployed. Sideswipe immediately sped in and quickly changed to robot mode. Catching up with Sideways by dexterously skating on his wheel-feet, Sideswipe somersaulted over the Decepticon, threw his right blade in the Decepticon's hood, and then dragged the blade in the opposite direction, tearing Sideways apart. Sideswipe took a moment to reflect on the success of his kill.

Afterwards, he returned with the other Autobots to 's base in Diego Garcia, where he witnessed Director air the concerns over the recent spate of Decepticon activity, and how the Autobots remaining on Earth might be the cause of it.

After the was stolen by from NEST's secured bunker and Decepticons were detected heading towards at , Sideswipe and the other Autobots were deployed to intercept, but arrived too late: Optimus Prime had died protecting the human boy from the resurrected Megatron. The Autobots and NEST arrived at a air base to discover that they were no longer welcome, following renewed Decepticon aggression after Prime's death, and that they were ordered to return to Diego Garcia. The emotionally overwhelmed Autobots nearly came to blows with their former allies but finally agreed to stand down and remain on Earth. When Major Lennox learned Witwicky had come up with a way to possibly resurrect Optimus Prime, NEST travelled to instead. Sideswipe, who had been covered in a cargo net while being transported in vehicle mode, relished the chance to cut through his bonds when deployed from the air. He fought off many Decepticons during , and bore witness to Sam resurrecting Optimus Prime with the Matrix, and the death of The Fallen.



  • Sideswipe (Deluxe, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RA-04
Sideswipe transforms into a silver Corvette Stingray concept car. In this mode, he sits so low that it's difficult to roll him without scraping his undercarriage, unless you perform some careful shaping after transforming him (a trait shared by some other live-action movie Deluxe cars, such as Bumblebee and Sideways). He has the Corvette twin flag logo sculpted on both the front of the vehicle mode and on the robot mode sternum, although neither is actually painted. Sideswipe's Mech Alive gimmick is in his knees—bending his legs causes the blue armor plates on his knees to extend. He does have wheels in his feet like his character model, but the toy's feet have been designed in such a way that it can stand alone. The bonnet halves that become Sideswipe's kibble-backpack are highly posable due to the way the hinges work and can be reshaped in several ways, including wrap-around chest armor and bat-like wings. Rounding out his robot-mode awesomeness, his hips have an "invisible joint" and moving pistons, while his "blades" are geared to spin out in unison. He is totally awesome.
Sideswipe's instructions aren't clear as to how his torso is supposed to connect with his chest in robot mode. The torso piece has a square peg on top of it and there is a corresponding square hole between the two screws holding the front of his chest together. Getting his torso section in front of his arm struts can be a somewhat snug fit. Despite this, the chest peg does have a habit of popping loose while posing the upper body, but can easily be fixed with a thin piece of card.
Some people might notice that his heels can be turned but his "toe" piece can not. It is advised that you do not try.
He has blue light-piping for his eyes, but it's ineffective due to backpack kibble blocking the light. Turning his head sideways makes it easier to see.
This mold was retooled into Revenge of the Fallen Swerve.
300px-ROTFSideswipe 2009 Deluxe



Human Alliance /Deluxe Class Edit

  • Sideswipe / Tech. Sergeant Epps (Human Alliance, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RA-22
    • Accessories: Robert Epps figurine, grey projectile
Like all Human Alliance figures, basically one or two Deluxe Class robots with a human, Sideswipe is designed to allow his accompanying human figure, in this case Robert Epps, to ride inside. While in many ways simply a larger version of the Deluxe
300px-ROTF HumanAlliance Sideswipe Epps

Why do I have wimpy blades!?

toy, it has several changes. The wheeled feet may now fold out into a stand system, allowing Sideswipe to stand without having to balance on the wheels, or be left as is to retain a more rounded look, and his blades are now rubberized to prevent injury. The scissor-hands can also be slotted into a gear system connected to the front wheels which cause them to spin as the wheels are turned. Although easy to miss, Sideswipe has more than one place to seat Epps in robot mode, as both seats provide Human Alliance human figures a place to sit. Alternatively, the passenger's seat may transform into a missile launcher slung over Sideswipe's other shoulder. Each forearm features pegs to stand on or plug into a human's back, but neither are accomplished very well. Said pegs also interfere with free rolling in vehicle mode, scraping on the ground. Like the Deluxe figure, the HA Sideswipe is something of a shellformer and suffers from an excessive amount of kibble, as nearly the entire top of the vehicle mode is folded up into a backpack, with only the rear bumper being incorporated as Sideswipe's chest. A great deal goes unmentioned in the instructions; there is a fold-out handle under the swiveling roof section that lines up over Epps' head when seated behind Sideswipe's shoulder, implying that the tailpipes might actually be considered another cannon or scope. This possibly explains why said tailpipes are transparent. By spinning the last wheel on his arm, you can rotate his wrist and blade in unison. There are also small tabs on Sideswipe's torso, apparently only to make him appear slightly bulkier, and the aforementioned arm pegs are undocumented as well, and the passenger seat in addition.
Surprisingly, Sideswipe has a battle mask! Or rather, his normal head IS his battle mask, and one can lift the top portion of his forehead to reveal a thin sliver of his "real" face. It looks...odd. It's probably best to leave the thing down and never speak of this feature.