Sideways' Death

What do you mean "I should transform and stop him from cutting me in half"?


I'm not that guy!

Sideways is a Decepticon. He is also Demolishor's partner. He transforms into a silver Audi R8

Sideways was hiding out in Shanghai with Demolishor when NEST came to investigate a possible Decepticon insurgence. At first, the two Decepticons remained concealed, but Demolishor soon transformed and attacked. While the soldiers and their Autobot allies were busy fighting off Demolishor, Sideways took advantage of the chaos and attempted to make his getaway. He was not entirely undetected, however, as Major Lennox sent out Arcee and the twins in pursuit.With Arcee and the Twins on his tail, Sideways turned a corner to an apartment complex in his way. Rather than turn and lose momentum, Sideways chucked caution to the wind and transformed, jumping through the apartment building and out the other side. The Twins were unable to keep up with the chase, and Sideways was soon able to fight off Arcee. Sideways didn't get far, and eventually met his end when engaged in pursuit, transformed, and bisected Sideways as he attempted to flee.


Deluxe Class toys

  • Sideways (Deluxe, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RD-05
Deluxe-Class Sideways features action during the conversion from car to robot mode. When the front bumper is pressed, his front pair of wheels automatically flip underneath the hood, and his robot abs flip down. There is also some : you can see internal gears moving in his fore-arms when moving his arms, as well as a turning disk on each of his elbows. On his right arm is a spinning "saw" blade. He is probably the least film-accurate toy to date (that doesn't fall in a lesser or different ), but that doesn't make him any less awesome.
Unlike the other on-screen characters in Revenge of the Fallen who turn into consumer vehicles, Sideways' vehicle mode is merely an approximation of an and is not an accurate replica. This is because the toy vehicle, lacking Audi signage, is unlicensed. Deluxe class Sideways is missing the black front lid, roof and rear hood seen on Sideways toys of other price points, and the real car. However, all of the toys are missing the unique silver stripes on top of the black areas seen on the , which was the car used in the movie.
Yet another victim of late mold changes rampant among the 2008-2009 financial crisis, Sideways appears to have had a hinged thumb on his left hand in Hasbro stock photos whereas this is a solid section molded on to the arm on the final toy. Although not indicated on any early photos nor instructions, Sideways' windshield underside has two notches that connect to Sideways' hood on small square pegs immediately behind the front wheels. This requires folding up the two small triangular pieces on top of the hood. Also it seems as if the spinning saw blade was originally powered by gears, the gearbox and shaft for the lever can still be seen on his right forearm but are molded just like his thumb onto the arm.
Along with , Sideways was initially released in two color schemes, a light silver version and a less common very dark silver version. If you move the headlights, doors and legs of the lighter Sideways to the darker one, allowing for a dark hood and roof, and silver everywhere else, it helps to make for a slightly more movie-accurate Sideways. However, the stripes will be missing still.
This mold was retooled into the Deluxe class version of Revenge of the Fallen