Wheelie is a sneaky little salvage scrap drone. As a reconnaissance specialist, he's equipped to the teeth with mid-ranged survaillance equipment. He transforms into a Ford F-350 RC monster truck. His real asset is stealth, tooling along unseen and unsuspected while he accomplishes his mission. Wheelie isn't a bad type, though some love and home training would whip him into shape. In Revenge of the Fallen, Wheelie, disguised as a remote-controlled monster truck, is ordered by Soundwave to capture the AllSpark shard. He follows Mikela Banes to her dad's motorcycle shack and tries to figure out the combination on Mikela's safe but is caught. Mikela burns Wheelie's right optic, demanding information. Wheelie tells her that he'll be scrap metal if he does not retreive the AllSpark shard for the Decepticons. Mikela puts Wheelie in a Black and Decker toolbox and takes Wheelie to Princeton University. When Alice was coming for Bumblebee, Leo, Sam and Mikela, Leo put Wheelie in Bumblebee's trunk. When Sam, Leo, Skids, Mudflap, and Mikela traveled to New York, they found Simmons in his mother's deli, under the internet name "Robo-Warrior 3000". Simmons then showed Wheelie the Cybertronian glyphs that Sam had been seeing. Wheelie had then realized that the vehicles Simmons displayed were Seekers. The group then traveled to Washington D.C. after Wheelie pinpointed one of them with his lasers. It turns out the Seeker was located at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Annex. Simmons' radiation tracker scanned an SR-71 Blackbird, the alt mode of former Decepticon Jetfire. Outside, Jetfire talked about how he switched sides. Inspired, Wheelie then started to hump Mikela's leg. Jetfire then teleported the group to Egypt. He was present when Bumblebee was being checked out by Egyptian guards. When everyone got to Cairo, Wheelie was'nt seen again. Presumably, He stayed inside the Tomb of the Primes.
Wheeli No- 3

But if anyone askes you're my pet. I don't want anyone thinking we're robosexual.

Wheelie No- 2