350px-ROTF ze little one
Ze little one is a Constructicon Scout that transforms into a Volvo EC700C crawler excavator.

Need parts. Kill ze little one!

—Scalpel instructs the Constructicons to kill one of their own, and this guy was the unlucky one.


Fiction Edit

Revenge of the Fallen movie Edit

After the Allspark shard was retrieved from NEST's secure bunker at , ze little one, Long Haul, Rampage, Mixmaster, Scalpel, and Ravage secreted themselves aboard the Bayos freighter heading towards the North Atlantic. Once the ship passed over the , the Decepticons jumped overboard and dove down to where Megatron's broken body lay.

Once they located his shell, Scalpel was released to assess their leader's condition. After a quick assessment, Scalpel declared that he would need some spare parts to replaced the ones destroyed in the battle of Mission City, and ordered the death of the smallest Constructicon. Before he could protest, ze little one was set upon by Long Haul and Mixmaster and beaten to death, tearing off the necessary components needed to restore Megatron. Once the parts were attached, Scalpel struck Megatron with the shard, restoring the Decepticon leader. Ze little one's parts allowed Megatron to take the alternate mode of a Cybertronian tank with flight features. Ze little one may have been honored for all time for his sacrifice for the Decepticon cause. But probably not.